Colin Jackson

A graphic recording from Sam Hester from the Creative Calgary Congress

Colin Jackson

We are called at this time in history to be big and bold…

There are many conversations like the ones we are having today happening around the world. Conversations about how to live together in a creative, peaceful and prosperous way, about how to live well into the future.

We humans, as a species, we need to accelerate our rate of adaptation if we are to be successful in creating a prosperous future for ourselves and our kids.

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About the Creative Calgary Congress

Creative Calgary CongressCalgary Arts Development produced the first Arts Champions Congress in 2011 as a meeting place for people who make Calgary’s arts sector a vibrant and exciting place to work and our city a great place to live.

Renamed the Creative Calgary Congress in 2014, it returned on November 22, 2016 as a place to share ideas and explore ways that the arts and artists can play a leadership role in making Calgary a more curious, compassionate and creative place for all citizens.

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