Cowboy Smithx & Jennifer Armand

An image of Cowboy Smithx and Jennifer Armand
Cowboy Smithx and Jennifer Armand | Photos: Courtesy of Mauricio Flores and Jennifer Armand

Cowboy Smithx & Jennifer Armand

Local artists are hoping to de-mystify the world of crypto art

Cowboy Smithx is a filmmaker, a theatre artist, a community organizer, and curator, and Jennifer Armand brings her background as a photographer and graphic artist to their collaboration—showcasing local artists with #T7NFT, a project that explores the new art space of crypto art and NFTs. 

“We’re trying to create capacity in that [NFT] space for artists to take this technology, take this opportunity and do it on their own. What we’re trying to do is sort of show the community here in Calgary, and the Treaty 7 area, that it’s not as… scary and confusing as you think.”

Smithx and Armand see this new space as an opportunity to demystify crypto art for Calgary artists. By offering a new way to monetize their work and to share their work wider, they hope to expose as many artists as they can to a new realm and new possibilities.

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more about crypto art and #T7NFT, and the work that Cowboy Smithx and Jennifer Armand are doing to support and promote local artists.

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