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Dj Stagez

Month of the Artist celebrates the valuable contributions artists make to Alberta

Dj Stagez began his eclectic artist career combining spoken word, dancing, and drumming. He went on to produce and host radio talk shows, a TV show, and co-produced a documentary of an attempt at a Guinness World Record in South West England.

He has performed numerous times at Saskatoon Folk-Fest, featured in key Black events in Nova Scotia, and spent two years teaching dance in rural Saskatchewan and Alberta.

His two hip hop albums and five singles have gained him international acclaim. His major vision through his artistic work is to showcase the remarkable legacy of Black people throughout history.

Dj Stagez music is available anywhere online wherever music is streamed. Find him on Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

How do you describe yourself as an artist?

As an artist I am an embodiment of the rhythm of my ancestors. My music and dance are an extension in time of a great legacy of Black women and men who have gone before me. Like wind, I exhale through my art the essence of my entire heritage.

What does living a creative life mean to you?

Creativity to me is the unfolding of a mystery and through this process the mystery becomes the norm without losing its lustre. It means a life without a pre-set form, without limits; a life lived far beyond fleeting judgements.

What do you love about Calgary and what is one place you go to find inspiration in Calgary?

Its volatile weather is like a metaphor for pleasant surprises! I like it for this uncertain feeling. Having lived in this city for just over a year, it feels like something big might happen. And that is inspiring.

If you could do one thing this year to make Calgary a better place to live, what would it be?

Teach Calgarians, using podcasts, the awesome heritage of Black people. If people in this city knew beyond what’s in the news about Black people it would transform this place in greater ways. Black folk who live in “the shadows” of this city would feel empowered to bring to the table their innate contributions in a more visible way. And that would make Calgary a better place.

What piece of advice would you give to an emerging artist?

Life as an artist offers two choices, your authentic self or an imitation of other people. What you do everyday reflects which of the two options you are inclined to. Would you rather emerge as the great awesome you or a passing meme?

What are you currently working on?

I am working on my third hip hop music album called The Mosaic of Black Identity. It’s a musical rendering of Black identity throughout history and its diversity around the world. By the way, I am proud to say that this project is made possible by the generous support from Calgary Arts Development.

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