Emmanuel Ho

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Emmanuel Ho | Photo: Courtesy of Emmanuel Ho

Emmanuel Ho

Month of the Artist celebrates the valuable contributions artists make to Alberta

Emmanuel Ho is an animator and experimental filmmaker based out of Calgary. His current research interests are in the relationship between motion perception and cognition, and in developing a visual language of narrative in virtual reality.

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How do you describe yourself as an artist?

I’m a bit of a “discovery” artist. I like to wake up, get animating, and just see where the piece takes me. This often results in dead-ends and consternation, but the alternative of planning things out just kills it.

What does living a creative life mean to you?

For me, it means taking a bit of time to detach from reality for a bit and go into my head. Playing with ideas and visualizing how they would be represented. Trusting my intuition and not getting overly attached to any one singular idea.

What do you love about Calgary and what is one place you go to find inspiration in Calgary?

I love that the arts community is extremely supportive and open. I’ve only come out of my hermit-y artist cave a couple times this year, but when I do, I’ll see a friendly face that always wants to catch-up like I haven’t missed a beat.

As for inspiration: The public library is my go to.

If you could do one thing this year to make Calgary a better place to live, what would it be?


What piece of advice would you give to an emerging artist?

Spend some time to figure out your best working process—then stick to that system methodically. Your process is your own tailored way to get to your best work, so protect that time and don’t let anyone encroach on it.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently designing a video game with a couple friends and finishing up an independent experimental animation—Korupcja.

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