John Fluevog

Lanre Ajayi stands among the shoes at John Fluevog's Calgary store
Lanre Ajayi explores John Fluevog Shoes' downtown Calgary location | Still: Courtesy of My City Speaks To Me

John Fluevog

Eclectic Canadian shoe designer’s Calgary home is a work of art

A legendary Canadian shoe designer, John Fluevog’s incredible designs have firmly cemented him as an eclectic favourite with fans all over the world.

Located in a repurposed alleyway near a turn of the century mill, Lanre Ajayi swung by the brand’s Calgary home to check out its distinct style. The space is full of stunning art deco inspired styles, custom furniture, an art gallery, and an official Flueseum designed and curated by Fluevog himself.

“My story is similar to a lot of people who started working here,” explains Calgary store manager Adrian Dayrit. “It was a fluke. I was in between jobs and I decided to apply here because I had heard about it through my friends. And five years later, here I am, the store manager.

“The Calgary location is unique because we have three levels—we are one of the biggest stores. Upstairs we have a shoe museum which has vintage Fluevog shoes. Downstairs we have an art gallery and we change out the artist every two months. And it’s always a local artist.”

Go behind-the-scenes of this unique business in the next episode of My City Speaks To Me.

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