Jollof Rice War

Chefs cooking jollof rice in the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen
Chefs cooking jollof rice | Still: Courtesy of My City Speaks To Me

Jollof Rice War

My City Speaks To Me captures culture and flavour at this Calgary Food War

In celebration of Black History Month and part of the Ethnik Festival of Arts and Culture, witness the emergence of jollof rice royalty!

“This is a special kind of rice cooked with different ingredients and tomato sauce,” says co-host Diella Ocran. “It’s sure to wake up your taste buds to bring back memories from the motherland.”

Calgary Food War is a new show from My City Speaks To Me’s Lanre Ajayi. Its inaugural food competition took place on February 22 at the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen, putting an end to the subtle culinary war over jollof rice between these West African Nations.

Tune into this battle of the chefs between Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, and Senegal as the competitors cook up greatness.

About My City Speaks To Me

A Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary, Lanre Ajayi is driven to develop and launch an ethical fashion line in Canada.

Shared as part of The Storytelling Project, My City Speaks To Me. The Calgary Edition. is his web series that documents the people, places, and events that make Calgary a spectacular place to live.

Follow him on Twitter at @lanreajayii and on Instagram at @lanreajayi1.

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