Justin Many Fingers

Justin Many Fingers points towards planning information for Making Treaty 7's upcoming show
Justin Many Fingers | Still: WeMaple

Justin Many Fingers

If you’re inspired to do something, just do it

Mii-Sum-In-Iskum (Long Time Buffalo Rock) is a queer, Indigenous, disabled, and MAD artist from the Kainai Blackfoot Reserve in Southern Alberta. Known by many as his Canadian name, Justin Many Fingers is an international performing artist. As the Artistic Director of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society (MT7), he makes his directorial debut leading its upcoming show, Kaahsinnoniks (Our Ancestors).

“There’s so much that is still not understood and still is not spoken about,” says Manyfingers. “But what we’re doing within this production is looking at what we can do.”

Kaahsinnoniks (Our Ancestors) runs October 3 and 4, 2018 at the Southern Alberta Jubliee Auditorium (1415 14th Ave. NW).

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