Lanre Ajayi

Lanre Ajayi paints a bright and colourful canvas
Lanre Ajayi | Photo: Courtesy of Lanre Ajayi

Lanre Ajayi

Month of the Artist celebrates the valuable contributions artists make to Alberta

Lanre Ajayi is an emerging Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary, and is driven to develop and launch his ethical fashion line in Canada. He is a visionary producing wearable fresh colours, patterns, and silhouettes, all based on the inspired abstract paintings that he creates.

Follow him on Twitter at @lanreajayii and on Instagram at @lanreajayi1.

What city ward do you live in?

Ward 12 in SE Calgary.

How do you describe yourself as an artist?

A passionate storyteller, using different mediums of artistic ways in expressing my craftsmanship. A painter, fashion designer, actor, and graphic designer, I use my creative brainchild to tell beautiful stories of people, places, and events.

What does living a creative life mean to you?

It means freedom. Freedom to be me, live me, and share me with my world. It’s a way to live without fear of prejudice, hate or harassment. Living an impactful life by bringing smiles to peoples faces by showing them how beautiful this life can be through the expression of excitement, joy, and happiness I am creating through my works.

What do you love about Calgary and what is one place you go to find inspiration in Calgary?

I love Calgary because this City Speaks to Me. Seeing people commuting from one place to another, taking on one task or the other, minding their business or nosing into ongoing events around gives me the inner excitement up to the point of speaking to my world about this beautiful place, Calgary. Downtown is my go-to place for inspiration.

If you could do one thing this year to make Calgary a better place to live, what would it be?

My web series talk show is coming soon to a screen near you to promote Calgary to my world.

What piece of advice would you give to an emerging artist?

Believe in yourself and never be afraid to dream big because the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.

What are you currently working on?

My upcoming art exhibition and fashion show takes place February 23, 2019 at cSPACE King Edward. Tickets can be found at

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