Lisa Congo

Science and art come together to help people process and heal from trauma

Lisa Congo is a writer, singer and self-proclaimed theatre buff who uses art not only as a form of self-expression, but also to promote healing through her work as director of programming at Sonshine Community Services.

Sonshine Community Services provides support and services for women, children and individuals who have experienced trauma through domestic abuse. Congo, who was born and grew up in Calgary, explains how the arts specifically contributes to wellness and creative expression, and how they play a role in Sonshine’s programming. “There’s a long history of how art and creative expression can be used to heal the human spirit. I love that brain science allows us to kind of see things that those of us who would identify as artists have known all along, that art does heal and does help us to process through things. We can now actually see with the technology and brain science how, that it actually is making a difference,” Congo says.

“… Creative expression and artistic expression really helps the brain to fully make the pathways and connections that need to happen, which are necessary for people to be able to feel like they’ve been able to process through what they’ve experienced, they can move on further into their healing journey.”

Tune into this week’s Storytelling Podcast to hear more about Lisa Congo, her work with Sonshine Community Services and the science behind the healing power of art.

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