Month of the Artist

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Month of the Artist

Province celebrates the valuable contributions artists make to Alberta

The first province in Canada to dedicate a month to artists, January 2019 was proclaimed by Minister of Culture and Tourism Ricardo Miranda as Alberta’s first-ever Month of the Artist. 

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to share profiles of a handful of artists who live and work in neighbourhoods in every corner of our city. These artists are amongst hundreds of artists Calgary Arts Development has supported over the past few years and thousands of Calgary artists who work in a variety of art forms to enrich our city.

Alberta’s artists are storytellers, innovators, entrepreneurs, community builders, teachers, and mentors. Enriching the lives of Albertans, artists promote creativity and innovation while contributing to a more diversified economy.

Dedicated by the Government of Alberta, the Month of the Artist is a way to say thank you for making the province a better place to live.

“Throughout January, I encourage everyone to learn more about the people behind the art in their community and to find ways to support local artists. Our province is full of amazing events that feature work by Alberta artists. Take in a show at your local theatre. Visit an art gallery. Go to a concert. Or try something new and let your creativity blossom,” says Miranda in a statement. “I am proud that our government is supporting the hard-working artists who build Alberta’s rich social fabric and our economy.”

Artist Q&As

Cheryl Foggo and Clem Martini with their daughters in Ward 1’s ravine park in Ward 1

Cheryl Foggo

Cheryl Foggo has been published and produced extensively as a journalist, screenwriter, poet, playwright, and writer of fiction and non-fiction.

She has a particular interest in sharing the history of Black pioneers on the prairies and has written extensively on the subject. Read More

Javier Vilalta

Javier Vilalta is a member of the award-winning Canadian visual performance ensemble 8ROJO.

The group is known for its unique style of creating interdisciplinary performances for intimate spaces that combine imaginative artistry and innovation. Read More

Javier Vilalta performing with electrical tape over his mouth
A headshot of Paige K Boudreau

Paige K Boudreau

Calgary-based filmmaker Paige K Boudreau began her career as an editor, cutting lifestyle TV among other projects.

She is currently in production and development on a number of projects and is always looking for the next interesting collaboration. Read More

Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is an artist and musician from Calgary and her debut album, Educated Woman, will be released in early 2019.

Known as an old-time banjoist and singer/songwriter, her work takes listeners back to a time when music was not only a form of entertainment, but a way of connecting to the hearts of everyday people. Read More

Amy Nelson holds a guitar next to a vase of flowers
A photo of Olivia Golosky wearing bright red lipstick and a ponytail

Olivia Golosky

A proud Métis, Olivia Golosky is a two-spirit artist from Treaty 8, Fort McMurray.

Her background is in theatre, film, radio, and music festival production as a production manager, and is a producer, technician, and playwright/screenwriter. Read More

Darija S. Radakovic

Darija S. Radakovic was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia, and moved to Belgrade, Serbia in the middle of a war where she received her degree at the College of Fine and Applied Arts.

She moved to Canada with her family in 2010 to restart their lives. Read More

A woman in a veil stands next to a man in official robes in front of flags in Darija S. Radakovic’s Misplaced Women
Achiru Wong wearing cat ears and a tail while holding a magic wand

Achiru Wong

Studio Director of the Mann and Lucky Channel, Achiru Wong has been creating webcomics since 2002 and acts as the artist, writer, and director of her own meta-physical comic production studio. Read More

Sisay Shimeles

Sisay Shimeles studied art at the Addis Ababa University, School of Fine Arts and Design in Ethiopia.

His work has appeared in several group exhibitions and community-oriented projects including art workshops for children and people with disabilities in Calgary and around the world. Read More

Sisay Shimeles sits in front of his work in the International Avenue BRT shelter adjacent to 52nd St. SE
Jessica McMann laying on a sheet with flowers painted over her and it

Jessica McMann

Jessica McMann is a Calgary-based Cree musician, contemporary dancer, and choreographer.

Also a classically trained flutist with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary, her recent compositions and soundscapes explore Indigenous identity and history. Read More

Lanre Ajayi

Lanre Ajayi is an emerging Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary, and is driven to develop and launch his ethical fashion line in Canada.

He is a visionary producing wearable fresh colours, patterns and silhouettes, all based on the inspired abstract paintings that he creates. Read More

Lanre Ajayi paints a bright and colourful canvas
A black and white photo of Ami Kenzo

Ami Kenzo

Ami Kenzo is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and activist. A self-proclaimed harvester of stories, unique experiences fuel her passion for advocacy.

She works as a freelancer on various film and video productions further feeding and nurturing her love for storytelling in its diverse mediums. Read More

Sushree Mishra

Sushree Mishra is a classical Odissi dancer and singer.

Her artistic passion, she is also the owner of the Sushree Dance & Music Academy. Read More

Sushree Mishra strikes an Odissi classical dance with her Guru

About Alberta’s Month of the Artist

September is the Month of the Artist in Alberta, an annual celebration of artists and the value they bring to the province, both socially and economically.

Dedicated by the Government of Alberta, the Month of the Artist is a way to say thank you for making the province a better place to live.

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to share the stories of artists who choose to live and work in Calgary.

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