Morgan Possberg

Photo of Morgan Possberg during winter with a snowy landscape in the background.
Morgan Possberg | Photo courtesy of Morgan Possberg

Morgan Possberg

Calgary Arts Development's Indigenous Programs Specialist sees connection through art

An artist’s creative path isn’t always straightforward. Visual artist and Calgary Arts Development’s Indigenous Program Specialist Morgan Possberg, like many artists, enjoyed drawing and creating as a child but put those endeavours aside as a teen. After relocating from Mohkinsstsis to the East Coast to be closer to her family, Possberg found herself studying at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, where the Cree/Métis artist revived her interest in art, learned about her culture and connected with community.

“(The college) actually has a really strong Indigenous Arts Program, so I was able to make some friends, which again was a really transformative experience, because before that I didn’t have any Indigenous friends. My adopted family is white, I grew up in the suburbs, I didn’t know anyone. So I was able to make friends at that college and really learn a lot… it’s really different when you’re able to have that experience with other Indigenous people.”

“I think for me… art was really a way of connecting. I’ve learned a lot about, specifically my Cree/Métis culture, but then because I haven’t really had a lot of Cree/Métis mentors I’ve kind of had to just take what I can from who’s willing to share what they will with me. But I think that’s really been a connecting point and a healing point for me… healing through art and learning through art.”

Possberg extends her thoughts on art and connection to her work as Indigenous Program Specialist at Calgary Arts Development. Through programs such as the Original Peoples Investment Program and the Indigenous Artist Microgrant, Possberg sees Indigenous artists find opportunities to explore culture. “(The artists are) connecting with elders and knowledge keepers, they’re learning the protocols… and they’re making an artistic project. So I think it’s really, it’s an accessible way to connect.”

Tune in to this week’s Storytelling Podcast: Indigenous Stories to learn more about Morgan Possberg’s journey into art, her experience as a Cree/Métis artist and her role at Calgary Arts Development.

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