Olha Bosak

Abstract artist bridges the worlds of art and energy

Olha Bosak is an artist and innovator fusing her passion for art with her deep understanding of the energy sector. The proud Ukrainian’s journey has taken her across borders and disciplines, culminating in a career that serves as a bridge between the world of art and the complexities of energy in today’s society.

Bosak has been painting since childhood and initially brushed aside her art as a casual hobby. It wasn’t until she received recognition from a prominent Ukrainian artist during her 20s that she seriously considered sharing her art with the world. Even then, as she organized her first showcase in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, she was uncertain. “I was still not sure — because I didn’t identify myself as an artist, even though I am,” she says.

For Bosak, there is a difference between how she approached her art when she was younger and when she became “more conscious.” Recognizing a need to refine her skills, she took private classes and sought out as many museums and exhibitions as possible, “I wanted to see what other artists do and I understood I needed to have my niche.”

Her work found its way onto the global stage with an exhibition titled Live Free, which was presented at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, as well in Toronto and Ottawa. This exhibition was a reflection of the 2014 Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, conveying messages of freedom, responsibility and the importance of intercultural collaboration.

Energy Matters

In addition to love for her home country, an understanding of energy’s diverse forms and interactions is at the heart of Bosak’s work. With over 10 years in the energy sector, including experience in both oil and gas and renewables, and initiatives like Energy Salon XXI, Bosak possesses a unique vantage point, with her artistic journey often paralleling her professional experiences.

In her Energy Matters series, Bosak delves into the world of renewable energy through her abstract touch. Each of the paintings in the series came as she worked on hydro, solar, wind and nuclear related energy projects. However, Bosak’s art goes beyond the confines of energy as a physical entity — she began to think about how to capture “human energy” through her works. “The energy we have within us — that’s the energy above all energies”, she says.

Bosak wants to bring Energy Matters, which she debuted back home in Ukraine, to Calgary where her work has naturally taken her in recent months. “Calgary is an energy city and one of the main centres on the global scale, so it would be very exciting to have this exhibition here.”

Energy Matters solo exhibit in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2021

A Balancing Act

Balancing her commitments to both art and energy is a testament to Bosak’s drive and ability to thrive in different spheres. She believes that creativity is a talent that, when nurtured and combined with dedication, can lead to exceptional results. Her art serves to capture her thoughts and feelings, from her gratitude for international solidarity with Ukraine to her concern for global energy challenges.

“I’ve been asked thousands of times, wouldn’t you like just to leave art or leave energy? And you know, my decision? I do both, because in my case, I can do both,” she says. Bosak has dedicated evenings, weekends and even vacation time to focus on painting and believes that “you can give 100 per cent of yourself to one thing and 100 per cent to something else.”

As we journey through an era marked by unprecedented challenges and boundless opportunities, Olha Bosak’s artistry reveals the potential that lies at the intersection of creativity and energy. Her paintings generate conversations, reflections and a shared appreciation of the energies that shape our existence. And, in a world where energy is a hot-button issue, Bosak’s work shows us how we can channel the conversation through more creative mediums.

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