Sable Sweetgrass

A photo of Sable Sweetgrass
Sable Sweetgrass | Photo: Courtesy of Sable Sweetgrass

Sable Sweetgrass

Director of Engagement & Reconciliation is inspired by the perseverance of Indigenous artists

Artist, playwright, and Director of Engagement and Reconciliation for Calgary Arts Development, Sable Sweetgrass believes in the importance of storytelling for learning, creating, and relationship building.

“I think stories are who we are. We’re in this really important and pivotal time right now of truth and reconciliation… we’re learning so much about one another, and I think in the past it’s been that Indigenous people have been learning the history, the stories of Canada and non-Indigenous people and European history and all that, and now… we’re telling our stories and our history. We want to share, we want people to know us.”

Sweetgrass is excited about the granting programs Calgary Arts Development has created to support Indigenous artists, and the introduction of the Indigenous stories podcast to share and amplify those artists’ stories. 

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more about Sweetgrass, her work at Calgary Arts Development, and our new series, Storytelling Podcast: Indigenous Stories.

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