Stacey Perlin

Stacey Perlin laughing next to a plant
Stacey Perlin | Photo: Stacey Perlin

Stacey Perlin

Challenges within the health system led artist to create the Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing

Stacey Perlin’s interest in the film industry began at school where she developed the skills to take part in a work experience program working for a local cable television show. From there she found herself working in the Alberta film industry, and by the age of 24 was sitting on the international board for Women in Film and Television and was vice president for Southern Alberta.

Although Perlin was making great strides professionally, she struggled in another aspect of her life: mental health. “What tripped me up was the unexpected impact of life events, and realizing that I had less skills to handle those things, and less opportunities and possibilities and creativeness when it came to dealing with some of the harder things that I was experiencing in life.”

After going through a recovery phase, Perlin recognized there were some significant challenges that she needed to address within the health system. From this experience she created the Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing.

“There was this piece where I knew I needed to make the conversation (about mental health and access to help). Not just a systemic approach, not just motivated because I had the interest at that moment, but to make it more of my lifestyle.

“And when you’re going through those types of struggles, what we need to do for ourselves are build vehicles. We need to build ourselves the beast or the thing that can drive on land and go through water and hover over ice to be able to handle the world that we’re taking ourselves through.

“And that’s really what the Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing is, is that vehicle. It has allowed me the space to evolve who I thought I was, who I thought I needed to be, and how I needed to relate to people.”

Tune in to hear more about Stacey Perlin and the Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing is offering those struggling with mental health issues some support and inspiration.