Stoney Nakoda AV Club

Stoney Nakoda AV Club members in a field near the mountains
Stoney Nakoda AV Club | Still: Courtesy of the Stoney Nakoda AV Club

Stoney Nakoda AV Club

Original Peoples Investment Program showcases FNMI artists in our community

A youth run arts production and storytelling society, the Stoney Nakoda AV Club believes in the potential of youth and the power of story.

The club is a collective, built to support each other’s artistic endeavors, that believes in the ability of people to accomplish their goals, no matter what they may be, through hard work, dedication, and support.

The group received funding in 2019 for its Win’ge’he Ahiya (Raising a Song) musical film. Tune in and learn more about the project and what the club means to those who are part of it.

About the Original Peoples Investment Program Showcase

The Original Peoples Investment Program (OPIP) supports the preservation and revitalization of First Nation/Métis/Inuit (FNMI) art through art-based projects and activities that are supported and validated by FNMI artists, community, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers.

Reflecting on the 143rd anniversary of the signing of Treaty 7—signed on September 22, 1877—and our ongoing journey of Reconciliation, Calgary Arts Development is pleased to highlight a handful of projects that were funded through the program in 2019.

Check back each day this week for a new profile.

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