The Artists and Artivists 

A graphic recording from Sam Hester from the Creative Calgary Congress

The Artists and Artivists 

How can the arts bring the public together...

Why should the arts be the catalyst to bring the public together to experience greater connection, solidarity, understanding, belonging, and celebration? Why become a community-based artist? Is the arts valued through community events? What is the role of funders? The City? The public? What myths do we need to dispel? Kenna Burima and Sharon Stevens initiate a conversation to share ideas, challenges, and experiences.

Kenna introduced the sessions by saying: Sharon came to this realization 15 years before me but only five months ago did I come to this realization: My belief was that as an artist it was my responsibility to use my art and be on stage to engage politically, socially, to change ideas, to bring people together — I don’t think I believe that anymore. But I don’t really know where that leaves me within my artistic practice.

So our question is this: What is art’s responsibility and what is an artist’s responsibility? Sharon and I will be unpacking those questions.

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About the Creative Calgary Congress

Creative Calgary CongressCalgary Arts Development produced the first Arts Champions Congress in 2011 as a meeting place for people who make Calgary’s arts sector a vibrant and exciting place to work and our city a great place to live.

Renamed the Creative Calgary Congress in 2014, it returned on November 22, 2016 as a place to share ideas and explore ways that the arts and artists can play a leadership role in making Calgary a more curious, compassionate and creative place for all citizens.

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