Tony McGrath and Lanre Ajayi at the doors of The GRAND
Tony McGrath and Lanre Ajayi at The GRAND | Still: Courtesy of My City Speaks To Me


Tony McGrath joins Lanre Ajayi on this two-part edition of My City Speaks To Me

The Grand Theatre, better known as The GRAND, is the oldest theatre downtown Calgary and is the city’s culture house for multidisciplinary live art. It is a nice space where artists of all walks can converge to think, dream, and bring many of their ideas to life—a space that is key to driving creativity and oneness with the communities they serve.

“This is the oldest theatre in the downtown core of Calgary,” says My City Speaks To Me host Lanre Ajayi. “And it presents cutting edge contemporary performing arts from around the world.”

Go behind the scenes to explore the beautiful architecture, its amazing history, and get a unique insight into what theatre has to offer. The GRAND CEO Tony McGrath joins Ajayi for this intimate and socially distanced episode.

About My City Speaks To Me

A Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary, Lanre Ajayi is driven to develop and launch an ethical fashion line in Canada.

Follow him on Twitter at @lanreajayii and on Instagram at @lanreajayi1.

Shared as part of The Storytelling Project, My City Speaks To Me. The Calgary Edition. is his web series that documents the people, places, and events that make Calgary a spectacular place to live.

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