#yycLCL April 2017

Photo by Rachel Rose
#yycLCL April 2017 | Photo: Rachel Rose

#yycLCL April 2017

I am always amazed at how simple images, lines, shapes, and colours can be used to help people express so deeply. Each time we gather in the Self Care Studio we begin by anchoring our creative process in a little circle, marking the start of our creative gathering each month. Beyond this circle we play with words, stories, images, sounds, and other mediums to help us explore our own self care and reflect on what it is we each uniquely need to thrive.

My work has taught me that you don’t need to be a capital “A” artist to show up and create. You just need to show up, and when you do, all your other stuff (good and bad) shows up too, and suddenly you have a place, and a way, to make sense of it all and begin healing.

Rachel Rose is a creator and educator using the expressive arts and other contemplative practices for healing and social justice. In her private practice, Workshop Muse, she fuses creativity, mindfulness, and hands on activities for people looking to live more fully and present. 

Find out more at workshopmuse.com, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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