#yycLCL April 2019

A collage of sketches depicting people in an airport
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: Nick Heazell

#yycLCL April 2019

Although I’m a local artist and designer, these sketches were done further afield. Star Wars Celebration is a convention for fanatics of that franchise (of which friends and family would thoroughly count me as), and it was on that annual pilgrimage that I did these sketches.

As any convention attendee will tell you, there is a lot of time waiting around in line-ups for panels, autographs, photo-ops, or even just to get inside. I brought along a sketchbook to pass the time in these situations and ended up doing some at O’Hare International Airport, as flight after flight got cancelled due to Hoth like weather on the day I was leaving.

What made doing these sketches even better is that I had produced one of my own designs on the cover of the sketchbook I brought with me, and then had it signed at the convention by Doug Chiang who just happens to be vice president and executive creative director of Lucasfilm.

Sometimes the discipline of doing sketch work and keeping up with it can be a grind, but there’s something cool about having a signature like that at the start of the book to keep driving me forward.

These sketches were of people from the convention and airport where there were a lot of interesting poses, costumes, and stances and will be useful in my art and design going forward.

Nick Heazell is an arts administrator, website coordinator, traditional and digital artist, and designer living in Cochrane, Alberta. Follow him on Instagram at @fire_power.

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