#yycLCL August 2016

#yycLCL Photo of the Month: August 2016 | Photo: Lane Shordee

#yycLCL August 2016

As a sculptor who primarily uses reclaimed steel as a medium, the tools of the trade are often extensions of my hands and an integral part of my creative process. You would think that working with hot, loud, hazardous tools would be distracting and annoying to an artist in the midst of expression, but for me the act of cutting, grinding, and welding is a way to quiet the noise in my head and that of the outside world. The rhythm and mesmerizing effects of the sparks and fire which come from working with the steel provides focus as it is necessary to be present while working with such materials and dangerous tools.

As a professional practising artist I attempt to live a creative life and embody that spirit of originality by being present in all that I do on a daily basis. Sculpting not only is the way in which I endeavour to make a living, it is something I must do as an expression of who I am and the unique process allows for my creative sparks to ignite.

Joanne MacDonald is a sculptor based in Calgary who uses found, recycled and reclaimed materials—primarily steel—to produce her pieces which can be seen both publicly and commercially.

You can see Joanne’s work at an upcoming show at Ruberto Ostberg Gallery (2108 18th St. NW) running September 16 to October 8, 2016. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and at soultonicstudio.com.

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