#yycLCL December 2016

#yycLCL December 2016 | Photo: Brittney Tough

#yycLCL December 2016

Sometimes I’ve thought there isn’t enough time to fit creativity into a day and then I feel guilty for not making art. I realized if I really wanted to turn my art practice into a career, I needed to make it a discipline, not a thing I did when I had time. That is why I get into the studio early morning for my painting work out.

I wake up, make my favourite tea, and begin painting. Getting my day started with a hour or two of painting before leaving for my job at Studio C sets a positive tone for my days. I’m more productive, less guilty and happier when I make time for the thing I love.

Watercolour artist Brittney gets a snapshot of her morning workout. Artist by morning/night, art facilitator by day, she believes painting is the best way to start any day.

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