#yycLCL December 2017

#yycLCL December 2017 from Portia Yip
#yycLCL December 2017 | Photo: Portia Yip

#yycLCL December 2017

For me, living a creative life is being able to express myself through words, images or paint—anything that involves creating something—all while helping others in the process. I also believe that anyone can add a splash of creativity to their lives regardless of their chosen material/medium, background, status or experience.

Through my artwork, I try to evoke a feeling of brightness, hope, and inspiration. One of my goals is to create colour palettes that speak to the soul—on a level that may inspire people to go after what their heart desires, to channel their courage and make a difference, or to feel at ease and embrace the moment. The process for my work is fluid and intuitive, yet subconsciously intentional as I strive to convey the idea that we all have the potential to do good, create good, and be good.

Portia Yip is a self-taught artist, storyteller, and multipotentialite. As an artist, she creates wearable art and abstract paintings with acrylics and gold leaf. Currently, her work is inspired by the world as a whole, influenced by nature, and reflective of identity, growth, and positivity.

Find out more at migrantmusedesigns.etsy.com, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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