#yycLCL February 2018

#yycLCL February 2018 Photo by Dayna Bordage
#yycLCL February 2018 | Photo: Dayna Bordage

#yycLCL February 2018

It is easy for me to be creative when I am sitting in front of the mountains; it is harder when I am stuck at home in the middle of winter. Some days I am inspired to paint, and some days I make myself paint when I really don’t feel up to it. Sometimes I paint the glass I’m drinking out of, sometimes the flowers on the kitchen table, sometimes a pretty vase.

Trying to find the balance between my art, my job, and motherhood knowing all too well that any break in my painting can so easily turn into months. These are the days in between when not much seems to happen, but still it is there—just keep painting, paint anything.

“Just keep painting, paint anything,” might make me sound regimented in my habits, but I’m not. It’s more that over the years I’ve found that I rarely “find” creativity, creativity finds me. And I must be present and available to be found. So I keep painting, and blogging, and thinking.

Dayna Bordage grew up in small town Alberta and graduated with a BFA in painting from the University of Alberta in 2003. Currently, she lives and works in Calgary with her husband and daughter.

Find her online at mynameisdayna.com and follow her on Instagram at @daynabordage.

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