#yycLCL January 2017

A photo of a studio with sketches and paintings pinned to the wall
#yycLCL January 2017 | Photo: Dillon Huang

#yycLCL January 2017

As an immigrant coming into a brand new world, you often have to be practical and give up your dreams because sustaining a living for you and your family is the top priority. I’m always thankful that I have such a supportive family and community as they allowed me to transform our home into my studio.

For 20 years, I came home to this space after long days of laborious work and would still be refreshed with a new sense of inspiration. This is where I kept my passion as an artist alive. Today, you walk into this space and you may find it messy, but it’s filled with 30 years of creative life. The space continues to expand as I teach my students to look for creative outlets in their everyday life.

Dillon Huang is a painter and art teacher based in Calgary who is inspired by innate beauty. You can find his artwork represented at Gainsborough Galleries in Calgary, and Sunti World Art Gallery in Whitefish, MT.

Find him online at dillonhuang.ca, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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