#yycLCL January 2018

#yycLCL January 2018 Photo by Lisa Tornack
#yycLCL January 2018 | Photo: Lisa Tornack

#yycLCL January 2018

Like any talent some people are naturals, but I believe everyone can develop their creative side and start a journey to live a creative life. Whether taking a painting class or learning to play the guitar, practice makes perfect. The more time you spend doing an activity the better you will become at it. My advice is to take your time, build on your skill set, and try to enjoy the creative process. Very interesting things happen when you learn to let go, this holds true in both life and art.

In addition to her studio painting practice, Lisa Tornack is an art instructor and collaborates in community public art projects. Lisa hopes to promote the value of peace and beauty through both her life and art.

Find her online at lisatornack.com and on Instagram at @lisatornack.

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