#yycLCL January 2021

A photographer taking a shot of a piece of art by Alex Hunt
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: Alex Hunt Studio

#yycLCL January 2021

Colour trends and patterns in fashion go hand-in-hand with art

I am a Calgary-based visual artist with a flair for bold colour and abstract styles that I hope will brighten your space and life. From textured “dots” in my Colour Pop Collection to abstract florals, my artwork takes on different styles but always incorporates bright hues.

My love for colour stems from my longstanding background as a magazine fashion editor.

Fashion is not a far cry from the art world and I find that the two can blend seamlessly. I often find myself painting backdrops for fashion photo shoots to enhance the overall story that we are trying to capture.

Colour trends and patterns in fashion go hand-in-hand with art, so I often find myself focused on painting the Colour of the Year to ensure that my style remains in line with what is to be expected for home decor trends for the season. I enjoy working with interior designers and home builders to help achieve their design goals.

The emotion associated with colour has always been an interest of mine. I enjoy studying colour theory and the use of colour in branding. When I prepare to begin a piece, I often consider the colour that I will be using and what overall feeling I want the painting to portray.

Alex Hunt holding her Tiffany Blue painting
Alex Hunt’s Colour Pop Tiffany Blue | Photo: Winter Lotus Photography

Lately, I have been drawn to the colour blue and have been fascinated by the response that receive when I paint in this particular colour. The range of blue that I use is meant to feel energizing while still retaining that reliably calm feeling that we often associate with the colour. Known for being serene, trustworthy, and inviting, my focus has been creating artwork in the range of blue hues to evoke a pleasant emotion when viewed.

I recently completed my first colour study in which I focused on the range of colour in each hue and how it would impact the overall look. My goal has always been to create artwork that is optimistic allowing it to infuse your space with energy and beauty.

You can find my latest Colour Pop Collection listed on my website, featuring six pieces all with a particular colour focus in mind.

Miniature canvases of bright coloured paint dots by Alex Hunt
Colour Pop Minis by Alex Hunt | Photo: Alex Hunt Studio

A mom, wife, artist, and fashion editor, Alex Hunt continues her art journey with the goal of infusing energy and beauty into her artwork. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and learn more about her practice at alexhuntstudio.com.

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