#yycLCL July 2019

A painting of pink flowers created by Sania Dsilva
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: Sania Dsilva

#yycLCL July 2019

This is part of a 100-day project I set myself up to achieve while enjoying the few months left of my maternity leave.

Parenting is overwhelming and demanding. It breaks you down, tears you apart, and rebuilds a better more substantial version of yourself.

I am lucky enough to have an artistic outlet to practice mindfulness and keep my mental health at its best. I truly believe that the healing nature of creativity benefits the artist and all those who engage with art.

As a medium for practice, watercolor is not as forgiving as acrylics or oils like I am used to. But it teaches me to embrace mistakes and unpredictability and yet see the beauty in its most natural form. It helps me to be present and aware. Also, to remember that just like motherhood, it is the process that counts.

Sania Dsilva is a graphic designer, artist, photographer, nature lover, and dreamer. A Little More Whirl is a visual and virtual presence of her combined passions as an artist.

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