#yycLCL June 2017

Photo by Alicia JB McKenzie
#yycLCL June 2017 | Photo: Alicia JB McKenzie

#yycLCL June 2017

This summer, I made it a goal to become as active in Calgary’s arts community as I could possibly be. One of the steps I took in reaching this goal was applying for jobs in artistic spaces around the city and thankfully, I was hired on as an intern at Stride Gallery shortly after.

At Stride, which is the building depicted in the post, I am interning as their Cultural Equity Liaison for the summer months. My job is to assist artists in their research for an upcoming exhibition in the gallery, putting together a public program that will happen alongside the show, as well as to help with the day-to-day operations of the space itself. Honestly, it’s such a beautiful old building that even being able to stare at this ceiling all day has been great! Being in a gallery all day has been such a wonderful way for me to stay motivated in my own artistic practice as well.

Artist-run centres are vital to a thriving art community. Innovation and creativity thrive in ways that are unique to these spaces, fostering connections and discourse that may not happen elsewhere. I really encourage people of all walks of life, whether you are artistically inclined or not, to participate in artist-run culture! There is an amazing network of people in Calgary that keep these spaces alive and I’m really thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Alicia JB McKenzie is a multidisciplinary artist from rural Manitoba, currently based in Calgary. She is finishing the fourth year of her BFA at the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) and recently spent a semester abroad at Falmouth University in the United Kingdom. During the academic year, she fills the role of Director for the Coven Gallery, a student-run exhibition space at ACAD. For the summer she is taking part in ACAD’s 2017 Summer Residency program as well as Stride Gallery’s Summer Internship program.

Check out her website at aliciajbmckenzie.tumblr.com and follow her on Instagram.

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