#yycLCL June 2018

A multiple exposure image of a cypher by David Youn
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: David Youn

#yycLCL June 2018

What a great honour to be selected for the image of the month. I have been pursuing art for the last few years after discovering that, for me, creating images and connecting with people with the same need to create and connect has been so fulfilling. I had always been fascinated with music and dance but when I found out a good photographer friend of mine was also a retired competitive b-boy and that I could get to see my first in-person cypher, I was stoked!

I have been focused on creating dynamic narratives in single frame two-dimensional images. Getting the opportunity to use my latest approach for something as exciting as break dancing was an honour. I build images such as these by combing several layers of single images in an effort to show more than just the acrobatic physical ability; to show the musical rhythmic art of dance as well.

David Youn is a photographer, image creator, curator of local art shows, and now creator of a local art magazine called Perspectives YYC. Find him online at davidyounphotography.com and follow him on Instagram at @dyounphoto.

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