#yycLCL March 2018

#yycLCL March 2018 Photo of the Month by Maxwell Webber
#yycLCL March 2018 | Photo: Maxwell Webber

#yycLCL March 2018

In my painting, I use quality paints because I obviously want my pieces to last over time, but I can’t justify spending big bucks on tools like brushes and pallets at the moment. Not having money to spend on fancy equipment shouldn’t stop you from pursuing something. If you like to paint, just go to the dollar store and pick up some things and get practicing. If you like photography but can’t afford a DSLR, get out and shoot on your iPhone. It doesn’t matter as long as you are putting in the effort. The time will come when you can start to upgrade.

By day I am an architectural technologist, and at night I put my leftover creative energy into painting and photography. If you are passionate about something, you can find the time. No excuses. Work harder and make things happen.

Maxwell Webber is an artist/photographer based in Calgary. Find him on Instagram at @Maxwell.art and @maxwell.w.photography.

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