#yycLCL March 2019

Detail of a painting by Rachael Gingell
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: Rachael Gingell

#yycLCL March 2019

Since finding a studio in Calgary a year ago, I’ve discovered that allowing the creative to take root and thrive in life takes more than an aptitude, desire or interest. My desire to better engage with my creative side requires active participation in that side of myself, rather than expecting it to beget new discoveries and creations of its own volition.

I’ve learned in my own practice that a delicate balance must be found between discipline and space: I have to create space and time in my life in which to be disciplined about turning up and tuning in, and then giving myself space to be free and take risks with in that space—concentrated, active risk taking and freedom within the studio. The other side is active exploration of and participation in the creative in the surrounding world.

This painting was a result of the marriage of the two. I was inspired by the vibrancy I was discovering in my new home city and by the structures of downtown. In order to capture it, I had to relinquish the safety of my paint brushes and force myself find a new style and method. What’s the worst that could happen?

Rachael Gingell is a visual artist based in Calgary and Vancouver. Find her on Instagram at @rachaelgingell.

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