#yycLCL May 2019

Montessori magic at the cSPACE AGM with Paula Timm leading the way
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: Kimberley Jev

#yycLCL May 2019

When cSPACE recently conducted its annual general meeting (AGM) in May, it was decided to “awaken” our attendees to the culture that is being emitted from our arts hub—with a showcase celebration of the remarkable talent within our midst!

For many years, this vision for an arts incubator has been a jointly held dream by our shareholders in Calgary Arts Development and the Calgary Foundation. Through shared strategic leadership and support, cSPACE Projects was formed and the former King Edward School has been transformed into a vibrant home for a multi-disciplinary array of artists, arts, and cultural organizations with hundreds of community events each year.

Transforming our Studio Theatre into a community showcase for the AGM was a collective effort made possible with tenants who presented on the impact of being at cSPACE. This collaborative art project illustrated the potential of creativity to be inspirational for those of all ages.

Highlights for tenants, staff, and board members included the Latin American Art Exhibition organized by CASA Mexico’s Miguel Cortines, a member of our Sandbox coworking space. Michelle Minke from Cowtown Opera showcased how the company has creatively evolved from working in her living room to being a tenant, and exploring opportunities to create, rehearse, and perform new operatic creations all within our cSPACE facility.

In addition to Minke’s jovial enlivenment of the theatre with her operatic prowess, our spectators enjoyed a performance between children and teachers from Maria Montessori Education Centre, ukulele accompaniment from Anna Carnell from Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners, and a collaborative art project with artist Paula Timm, showcasing how the more we get together how truly happier we will be.

Testament to the values of cSPACE, the art banner created that day serves as an evocative reminder of our potential to enliven our communities in meaningful ways. With a collective belief in the power of creativity, we may just see Calgary awaken to be the city we hope for!

cSPACE King Edward is open to the public everyday except for Sunday, and visitors are welcome to meet our tenants, see exhibitions and performances, or even enjoy a farmers market weekly.

cSPACE King Edward (1721 29th Ave. SW) is a playground for creativity, community, and collaboration. It’s an arts hub, innovative venue, and coworking space for Calgary to experiment, explore, and spark change.

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