#yycLCL November 2016

#yycLCL November 2016 | Photo: Andy Nichols

#yycLCL November 2016

This photo captures one of many moments from an afternoon spent wandering through the wonders of the Glenbow Museum archives with 23 incredibly talented Alberta-based Etsy makers. In particular this photo shows one of the groups encountering the formidable painting collection which is hung on suspended chain link sections that roll out for access. The archivist had selected specific local pieces for viewing though the subjects were given free rein to explore as much of the print and painting archives (along with artifacts on the level above) during their tour, the end goal being to create Etsy pieces to be sold in the Glenbow Shop.

The Etsy makers are shown drawing together the catalytic foundations required to spur their own artistic inspirations. They are living the purest sense of a creative life, standing among the works of those who expressed their own visions before, as they prepare to command the unlimited into a concise form. I am included in this process through documenting the moment.

Andy Nichols is a professional freelance photographer based out of Calgary. He has been working in the commercial and editorial sectors both locally and internationally for over eight years.

Find him online at Instagram and andynichols.com.

Etsy at Glenbow is a unique partnership that showcases new work from Alberta artists in the Glenbow Shop, each inspired by Glenbow’s collection of art and cultural artifacts.

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