#yycLCL November 2017

#yycLCL November 2017 from Sheri Noori
#yycLCL November 2017 | Photo: Sheri Noori

#yycLCL November 2017

Every day, I wake up to a life where I am creating endless opportunities for myself and my family, instead of being a victim of things that are happening around me. After attaining four different degrees I realized that I was and I am an artist and nothing can stand in the way of me being me!

Glass work is something that I grew up seeing a lot of, it is fine art in some places in Iran. It had always fascinated me. Any kind of art is always enlightens my soul.

When I sell a piece of art to someone, the client takes a piece of my heart home and I make sure I will give them love and connection through my work.

Sheri Noori is an artist, painter, and designer. Born in Iran and living in Calgary, she mixes her psychology degree with artistic expression. Find her on Instagram at @shararehnoorizadeh or at sherinooriart.com.

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