#yycLCL November 2022

Image of two collages by Claudia Lorenz
Photo: Claudia Lorenz

#yycLCL November 2022

This image above is of two very small collages I recently made in a local workshop with artist Jennifer Love using advanced gel plate printing techniques. Creating my own collage papers has been part of my process, and this will be another great new tool that I’m excited to incorporate into my art.

I’m often inspired by themes of home, memories from childhood, feelings of belonging and melancholy, and the last few years have led to a dramatic shift in the way I create and the type of artwork I want to make.

While I’ve always been involved in art making, I knew that to really create an artistic life would require a daily commitment. I understood that if I could start my “ten thousand hours” with just 25 minutes a day, I would be much further ahead in my art process in a year’s time.

Having a daily practice for the last three years has enabled me to learn, grow and develop my artistic voice and has really enhanced my mental health. I believe we all carry an infinite amount of creativity and that nurturing our inner artist is so beneficial to our well-being.

Now, I spend time in my studio every day, almost without fail. Daily art making has so many extra benefits that I couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Most important is the ability to show up for myself.  

Claudia Lorenz is an artist and instructor here in Calgary working in mixed media and collage. Follow her on Instagram and visit her website cocktailsandcollage.com to view her work.

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