#yycLCL October 2017

#yycLCL October 2017 by Jane Finley
#yycLCL October 2017 | Photo: Jane Finley

#yycLCL October 2017

In order to live creatively you must let go of your fear of judgment. The process of creating is a raw and humbling one; we put ourselves into our work. In my process, I experiment. I don’t follow the traditional rules and techniques of art making. I believe there are no rules when creating. I strive to push the mediums I work with to all of their various potentials, combining their different elements.

I stay curious and constantly seek exploration in culture and nature. I find inspiration all around me, in texture, colour, light, and movement. Living a creative life, like art making, is a constant process of evolution and growth. Exploring and experimenting, learning and creating.

Jane Finley is a Calgary-based mixed media artist. Follow her on Instagram at @janefinleyart.

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