#yycLCL October 2018

An image of three plein air sketches
#yycLCL Photo of the Month | Photo: Annette Resler

#yycLCL October 2018

When one chooses to enter the creative circle, is it really a choice?

Many say “the circle” chooses the artist.

Many say an artist cannot help themselves.

I agree.

Learning to express through art is hard work and takes practice. The challenge often comes from our self-imposed expectations and a tinge of fear that could cripple our ability to create. And yet, we persevere, because it’s in us to do so. And we share, because it’s in us to do so. Our hard work and practice develops into studies, sketches, completed works, in whatever medium we choose. This turns into gratitude, awareness, healing, and joy.

Living a creative life helps to connect the dots.

Annette Resler is an artist who draws, paints, and writes. A descendant of a strong line of Métis ancestors, the exploration of her heritage leads to greater appreciation and understanding why she is an artist.

Find her online at areslerart.com, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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