#yycLCL October 2022

Image of the The Driftwood Raven by Kara Rowley
The Driftwood Raven | Photo: Kara Rowley

#yycLCL October 2022

Sometimes I feel like a driftwood raven. Sometimes I feel like a bear, a wolf, a rabbit and whatever catches my eye.

I love how animals are unapologetic about who they are, what they do and even who they eat. My passion is finding a way to capture their essence with my paintings. The Driftwood Raven is one of a series of birds (although a moose and rabbit snuck in there as well) that I painted after admiring driftwood sculptures out on the West Coast. Because I am landlocked and not a sculpture artist, I decided to draw the wood and find the animals that lurked within. I loved creating this series, letting the wood and sea glass find a way to fit together to highlight the personality of what I was drawing. This raven has found its forever home now. Ahoy matey.

Kara Rowley is an artist here in Calgary, teaching Grades 3 and 4 by day and painting on the weekends. Follow her on Instagram and visit her website bendtheriverstudio.com to view her other works!

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