#yycLCL Photo of the Month

#yycLCL Photo of the Month

A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss, by Scott Clark

This piece was created in 1998. The medium is a mix of watercolour and coloured pencils, 8.5″ x 11″. The title — A Kiss is a Kiss is a Kiss — is inspired by a Gertrude Stein poem. It is one of four illustrations in a series. This was the very first time I was finally able to create with an LGBTQ theme. Up until then, I was too embarrassed and reticent to fully admit my natural attraction to other men (on paper).

During this time, in the late ’90s, the religious doctrine was still prevalent. The undercurrents of homophobia were insidious in popular music, movies and television. It was hard to come across a story of a healthy, beautiful and loving gay relationship. This artwork is a response to that. 

The imagery in this piece reflects the reactions of mainstream society to the male-to-male kiss. There are imposing figures surrounding the two kissing men, representing the heteronormative power structure at the time (and today), defiant and oppressive. Religious symbols are clear and present. People are specifically reacting to the kiss. Turning away and ‘supposedly’ full of rage, repulsion and violence. Despite this, the two kissing figures remain — sensual, loving and true to themselves.

My Creative Practice and Approach

I am an established artist who continues to create visual art and community murals. I hold a BFA with a major in visual communications from the Alberta University of the Arts.

Working primarily in the acrylic medium, my works are inspired by Fauvism, Cubism, album art, psychedelic art of the ’70s, surrealism and queer/pop art of the ’80s.

Living as an openly gay/queer person, my gifted neurodivergent nature shines through with my art- making. I find that I am more understood and connect well with people, when communicating through art. 


This may sound strange, but the ‘yet written’ is my biggest muse. Over the years I have committed to my craft; building my skills through study and experimentation. During this time, failure and exploration were key in propelling my art-making to new levels. I now approach the blank canvas with wonder and confidence; excited to witness whatever creative adventure is waiting to unfold.

I believe living a creative life is a beautiful thing. Whether it be an impromptu hilarious conversation with friends or simply humming a new tune while in the midst of play.

Scott Clark is an established visual artist who is inspired by Fauvism, Cubism, album art, 1970s psychedelic art, surrealism and 1980s queer/pop art. Follow him on Instagram or visit his website scottclarkartexperience.com to view more of his work.

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