Citizens’ Reference Panel

The City of Calgary and Calgary Arts Development are committed to involving the public in decisions that affect them. Calgary Arts Development hosted the Citizens’ Reference Panel as a new way to work with residents to determine public values and priorities.

The Citizens’ Reference Panel on Calgary’s Arts Plan was made up of 36 randomly selected residents from across Calgary. The Panel met over four Saturdays in September and October 2012 to learn about Calgary’s arts sector and work together to determine the priorities and vision to guide the creation of a long-term Arts Plan for Calgary.

Over four Saturdays, the 36 panelists heard from a wide range of experts, policy-makers and artists. They worked in small, facilitated group sessions to learn about the arts sector in Calgary and how it can contribute to the city’s quality of life. Ultimately, the Panel produced and ratified a common set of recommendations as well as a vision for future arts development and investment.

View the Citizens’ Reference Panel’s full report