Signatory FAQ

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Living a Creative Life | Photo: Jason Stang

Please see below for answers to general inquiries for becoming a Living a Creative Life signatory. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, contact Kaley Beisiegel at

What does becoming a signatory to Living a Creative Life mean?

Signatories to Living a Creative Life agree to the following:

  • My organization’s work contributes to one or more of the outcomes in the Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary.
  • My organization believes in the overall vision and focus areas of Living a Creative Life, and therefore can also be counted as an endorser of the strategy.
  • My organization will take Living a Creative Life into consideration when drafting its future strategic plans.
  • My organization will share select data with Calgary Arts Development in an effort to demonstrate impact on the outcomes and focus areas that align with my organization’s work.
  • My organization will designate a staff member as the primary contact and manager of our involvement with Living a Creative Life.
  • Calgary Arts Development may contact the designated contact regarding this data collection.
  • Calgary Arts Development may contact the designated contact regarding Living a Creative Life news and updates.
  • My organization’s name will appear on lists of Living a Creative Life signatories and endorsers that will be made available to the public.

After signing on, can an organization choose to no longer be a signatory?

If an organization decides that it no longer want to be a signatory to Living a Creative Life, it can contact to be removed from the signatory list.

Does being a signatory have any impact on access to Calgary Arts Development’s funding activities?

Being a signatory to Living a Creative Life is not an eligibility requirement for Calgary Arts Development’s community investment programs, nor does it inform funding decisions.

Where can I see a full list of current signatories?

A full list of current signatories is available here.