A photo of Louise Day
Louise Day | Photo: Courtesy of Louise Day

Louise Day

Exploring life as a senior, this acting lab looks at meaning and purpose through theatre

Cherie McMaster

Always writing about meaning and purpose as an aging senior, Louise Day is the president and producer of the Seniors Acting Lab.

“I graduated from UofA with a fine arts degree in the 70s. I also got my ED degree with distinction in that time and I taught while I had my two sons,” she says.

From running a small retail shop in Penticton to trying to unionize workers at The Bay, Day eventually went back to school to learn more about good business management. But the acting bug was always there.

“I had little parts in different productions in Penticton—one of them was being a sailor on the ship in The Tempest and I didn’t get to say a word,” she explains. “That started my interest. It was fun.

“Also, when I retried, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my retirement,” Day continues.

Branching out from its roots in the FLC Seniors Acting Club, the Seniors Acting Lab is group of all senior storytellers whose theatrical productions reflect, educate, and challenge the status quo on seniors’ issues.

Tune into The Storytelling Podcast to hear more about how the group came to be, why it’s important to share these stories, and what is next for the lab.

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