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Marichu Antonio | Photo: Courtesy of Marichu Antonio

Marichu Antonio

Action Dignity enhances the voices of ethno-cultural communities in Calgary

Cherie McMaster

As the Executive Director of Action Dignity, Marichu Antonio is passionate about building community and is making Calgary a better place in the process.

“I am happy to have been a contributor to the enrichment of the community development work here,” she explains.

Since its inception, Action Dignity (formerly the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary) has been in the forefront of many initiatives addressing issues of diversity, human rights, racial inequities, and public participation. It has built leadership and organizational capacity in Calgary’s ethno-cultural communities and enhanced the presence and participation of members of these communities in civic activities, public consultations, and elections.

It even uses the arts to do so.

Returning for its second year on February 1, 2020, Our Canada, Our Story weaves together the narratives of Calgarians deeply impacted by racism. The production is a daring, honest study in resilience.

Tune in to hear more about the role Action Dignity has in community building, how the arts play a part in creating a sense of belonging, and what’s next for the organization.

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