A promo photo of MelVee X with a flower in her hair
MelVee X | Photo: Roman Mirakhmedov

MelVee X

A director and artist facilitator, this multidisciplinary artist is a one-of-a-kind force in Calgary

Cherie McMaster

Empowering marginalized people and equity-seeking communities to tell our own stories from our perspectives, MelVee X is a Black queer multidisciplinary artist. Her primary means of expression are spoken word poetry, burlesque performance, and photography—also known as the MelVee trifecta.

“I am born and raised here in Moh’kinsstis, the Blackfoot name for Calgary,” she says. “I’m a Black woman and I’m also queer as well. I come from a working-class family, and lots of intersections there.”

She’s been a professional artist for over five years, and has featured and shared her work locally and nationally. She is proudly Black and incorporates Caribbean, African, and Black Canadian cultural themes prominently in her work (check it out on Facebook and Instagram). She is also the person behind Black Kid Joy—a pilot initiative empowering Black youth to learn and explore Black culture, heritage, and pride through the arts.

Real and unapologetic, tune into this week’s Storytelling Podcast to learn more about her community, her practice, and the importance of mentoring and facilitating new artists.

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