Olivia Tailfeathers and the Grassland Singers on stage at the 2019 Mayor's Lunch for Arts Champions
Olivia Tailfeathers and the Grassland Singers | Photo: Benjamin Laird Arts & Photo

Land Acknowledgement

Olivia Tailfeathers and the Grassland Singers opened Mayor’s Lunch

Calgary Arts Development

Acknowledging the traditional territories on which we gather has become a customary practice at Calgary Arts Development events and an important step in our reconciliation journey.

More than just words to memorize and recite, the land acknowledgement is a way to remember and honour the First Nations of this land—the people who have been here for millennia.

In this spirit, we began the 2019 Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions with a musical land acknowledgement featuring Olivia Tailfeathers and the Grassland Singers, visual artist Mandy Stobo, and Calgary Arts Development President & CEO Patti Pon.

We believe that finding a personal connection is essential and we strive to communicate that personal meaning every time. Adding music and visual arts to the land acknowledgement at the Mayor’s Lunch was a way to connect the meaning of our work to this land and the peoples who have lived here since time immemorial.