A Message from Patti Pon

A Message from Patti Pon

2020 has been quite a year!

A year of deep listening and learning. Reflecting and responding. Isolation and connection. Uncertainty and anxiety.

A year of great loss.

And, yet, I remain optimistic. I have hope.

Because I know that our work, supporting artists and arts, is of great value. I’ve always known that but the pandemic has brought the importance of the arts to light now more than ever. I know that artists will show us the way. They will continue to connect us, reflect the world around us, lift our spirits, inspire us, contribute to our wellbeing, and bring us joy.

And that’s why all of the work we have undertaken during this challenging year matters: our regular grant investment programs; the emergency funds; the research; the economic stimulus events; the town halls; the accelerated equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility work; the collaborations and partnerships; and our commitment to and activities around reconciliation and right relations.

Our team outperformed themselves in 2020 and I thank them all personally for their work.

On December 21, 2020, on the longest night of what seems like the longest year ever, we will be supporting a special Dave Kelly Live virtual event called Home Alone Together where we’ll watch Dave light the Calgary Tower as a beacon of hope for our city and our community. Our part in this is to provide support as a testament to our belief in the power of the arts to light up our lives, especially in challenging times. We offer special thanks to Aspen Properties for their contribution to this event.

Stay tuned to our social platforms to find out who the special guests will be and how to tune in!

Our 2021 budget was recently approved by City Council and we are ready to start a new year with optimism, passion, and razor-sharp focus. It is a privilege to support the arts in service to our community and our city and we thank all artists and arts organizations for making our lives brighter.

Thank you for the work you do. Stay safe and enjoy the company of your loved ones over the holiday season. I hope our little holiday greeting card brings a smile to your face.

We look forward to reconnecting with you in 2021!

Patti Pon
President & CEO
Calgary Arts Development

Happy holidays from all your friends at Calgary Arts Development!
We wish you all the joys of the season and look forward to working with you again in the new year!

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