Arts Spaces Playbook

Arts Spaces Playbook

cSPACE Projects, in conjunction with and support from Calgary Arts Development and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, has announced the launch of the Arts Spaces Playbook. Whether you have space, or whether you need space, the Playbook is a resource that caters to a diverse range of needs relating to finding and activating creative spaces.

The Arts Spaces Playbook serves as a valuable destination for creatives on the lookout for studio/co-working/workshop space, event venues, and more. Operators of creative spaces looking for resources and info for activating their assets will also find lots to explore. This platform offers an array of information, guidance, and resources, supporting the process of finding and activating the perfect creative space.

Key features of the Arts Spaces Playbook include:

  • Venue Discovery: An expanding database of available spaces, suitable for a variety of creative needs. If you have a space that you would like artists to know about, this is the place to submit your information for sharing.
  • Resources for Getting the Most Out of a Space: Information and tools to help you plan successful events or manage your long term space.
  • Tips and Tricks for Finding or Operating Space: Expert advice on navigating the challenges of locating, securing, and activating creative spaces.

The Arts Spaces Playbook reflects the commitment of cSPACE Projects, Calgary Arts Development (CADA), and Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF) in supporting and nurturing the creative community. It empowers artists to overcome the obstacles associated with finding the perfect space, enabling them to fully embrace and develop their creative talents. For those who have space and wish they could do more with it, this resource is also a treasure trove of information.

As an evolving resource, the Arts Spaces Playbook is open to feedback and suggestions from its users. If you believe there’s something missing or have ideas to enhance the platform further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Explore the Arts Spaces Playbook here.

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