Calgary Arts Development Grateful for Funding Increase from The City

Calgary Arts Development Grateful for Funding Increase from The City

Calgary Arts Development is grateful for a $1 million per year ($4 million over four years) one-time funding increase to our budget in addition to our base grant in each of the next four years (2023 – 2026).

As our city’s arts development authority, Calgary Arts Development (CADA) distributes the City of Calgary’s investments in Calgary’s arts ecosystem through grants to artists and arts organizations. We are also the stewards of Calgary’s arts development strategy Living a Creative Life. Calgary’s arts sector employed over 700 Calgarians, produced over 20,000 arts experiences and resulted in an annual economic impact of $102.4 million in 2021. 

Total CADA four-year budget  (the numbers below include the base grant plus a one-time $1 million increase each year):

  • 2022 (current City grant to CADA): $17,490,000
  • 2023: $19,190,000 
  • 2024: $19,844,000 
  • 2025: $20,542,000 
  • 2026: $21,226,000 

The additional funds will be used to contribute to a more vibrant downtown, activate the creative economy strategy, and support grant investment programs. Calgary Arts Development’s four-year strategic framework aligns with City of Calgary priorities as well as with many other City and civic partner strategies. Details about how these funds will be directed to programs supporting artists, arts organizations and arts events in 2023 will be shared in mid-January as we confirm details of our 2023 work plan. 

We look forward to continuing to work with The City and other civic partners and city-builders to contribute to a more creative, inclusive and vibrant city where everyone belongs.

More information about the City budget can be found here.


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