Five-Year Survey of Professional Artists — Sign Up!

Five-Year Survey of Professional Artists — Sign Up!

UPDATED: January 11, 2024

*The survey has now closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Calgary Arts Development will soon be launching our 2023 – 2027 survey of professional artists. 

A short survey will be sent twice a year for five years to 500 professional artists to understand more about the geographic movement of artists in our community, as well as the impact financial support makes in the lives of artists.  

Unlike other surveys by Calgary Arts Development that use the random sample method, this survey is intended to track the same 500 artists for the next five years.  

Participants in this survey will be compensated via $15 gift cards each time they complete a survey. Surveys will be sent twice per year for the next five years.  

While survey results are anonymous, survey respondents will submit their name and email address each time they complete the survey to ensure the participant pool remains the same. 

Participants do not need to remain in Calgary to continue participating in the survey. Previous research has shown that up to 25 per cent of arts professionals intend to move over the next five years. We hope to understand when these choices are made, what has motivated these decisions, and whether or not artists return to Calgary once they have left.  

500 Professional Artists 

We are seeking 500 professional artists to commit to the five-year survey.  

We consider a professional artist to be an artist who is actively pursuing a career in the arts, who has invested in the development of their artistic skills, voice and goals, and who primarily creates artistic work on their own. Artists do not need to be working professionally in the arts full time. 

Professional artists may have formal or informal training. We value all ways of knowing, learning and developing an artistic practice. 

Professional artists have shared or are actively striving to share their work publicly and be compensated for their work. 

Professional artists have a relationship with their artistic communities and peers.  

We welcome applications from those working in all artistic disciplines and their various cultural forms, including but not limited to: circus arts, craft arts, community and social practice, curation, dance, Deaf/deaf arts, digital arts, disability arts, film, Indigenous arts, literature, media arts, multidisciplinary practice, music and sound, performance, theatre and visual arts. 

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