RISE UP Calgary Relaunch Lunches

RISE UP Calgary Relaunch Lunches

Are you someone working in the arts or the hospitality industry who is looking for creative ways to collaborate amid the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for future recovery? Are you interested in conversations exploring the live experience economy and how to get audiences out and artists back to work in safe and meaningful ways? Then join one of RISE UP’s upcoming Relaunch Lunches!

RISE UP Calgary is a local initiative created to kickstart economic recovery for Calgary’s arts sector. It is an open-source campaign that unites arts, hospitality and tourism partners to develop a comprehensive array of initiatives and plans for relaunch by building the best possible conditions for success for audiences and artists. Together, we will RISE UP and move forward.

As part of its programming, RISE UP is planning a series of relaunch lunches to connect industry professionals and give them an opportunity to network, share ideas, and look for ways to collaborate on COVID recovery planning.

The first virtual event is on Thursday, November 5, 2020 from 12:00 to 1:15pm and explores the model used by the creators and technicians of The Big Art Drive-In.

The lunch discusses how this space came to be and how it was then utilized for the RISE UP Weekend concert series. This is your chance to hear about what the team learned, how they worked with AHS to create a safe arts experience for artists and audiences alike, and get ideas on how you might be able to use this model and insights to create your own arts experiences.

Panelists include, Paul Magnuson, Chief Imagineer, Big Art, Josh Burnett, General Manager, FM Systems, and Kaley Beisiegel, Principal Consultant, Bird Creatives and Project Manager for RISE UP Calgary.

Register at zoom.us for this free Zoom-based conversation. The November 5 event will be interpreted in American Sign Language (ASL) with a live English transcription available and will be recorded for future posting on the RISE UP Calgary website.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to cherie@birdcreatives.com.

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